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öKlo Classic

For outdoor use


Our sustainably built, wood toilet cubicle meets the highest standards and is equipped for up to 300 trips to the toilet.

öKlo Combi

For indoor use


Given their compact design, öKlo Combi and Mini, the smallest toilets in our range, are perfect for installation in the following facilities:

9 benefits at a glance

Dry & without water flush

Tough, weather-resistant & completely stable

Easy to transport & assemble

No electricity required

Can be used anywhere, pollution-free

Sustainable & chemical-free

Odourless for humans & animals

Easy & excellent cleaning

Genuine Austrian wood

Environmentally sustainable

You have more inside you than you think – our dry toilet makes it possible!

Dry litter

öKlo uses dry sawdust, a waste product, instead of water or even chemicals.


öKlo makes use of the forces of nature in a specially developed separation system. Clean and clever.


We are dedicated to creating a modern circular economy for human waste!


Faeces can be recycled in several ways - we are researching and trying to prove this!


öKlo supports the conservation of drinking water - roughly 5 litres per person and sitting!

Buying a garden toilet appeals to an increasing number of people, not least because of its numerous advantages. If you buy an organic garden toilet, not only do you save a lot of water and electricity, but you also get humus that can be used to fertilize your own plants. Otherwise, an öKlo garden toilet is not much different from a conventional toilet when it comes to using it. If you have not yet had the pleasure of purchasing your own organic garden toilet, find out now why it is worth putting an organic toilet in your garden.

This is what our customers say

What is a garden toilet?

Most people believe that a privy or outhouse is a composting toilet, but that is not the case.

A composting toilet, also known as a garden toilet or humus toilet, is a toilet that is able to produce compost from excrement.

Some might think of a smelly garden toilet, but quite the opposite is true. There are no bad smells and disgusting holes in the ground here.

An öKlo composting toilet is also environmentally friendly, as the use of a water flushing system and chemicals are not necessary.


Where can an öKlo garden toilet be used?

Garden toilets are very versatile, as they do not require a water connection or the availability of a sewage system.

In addition, they are kind to the environment since no chemicals are needed for cleaning. It is a congenial solution that makes life easier in many situations.

Most of the time, as the name suggests, garden toilets can be found in gardens and holiday homes.

However, with slight adaptations, they can also be used elsewhere, such as at events, on construction sites, and in boats.

Why öKlo Classic is the perfect garden toilet?

The öKlo garden toilet has a number of advantages. It is a convenient solution if you urgently have to do your business. A toilet that requires neither a water connection, nor the availability of a sewer or electricity. Made of sturdy, Austrian wood, this garden toilet is easy to maintain, easy to transport, quickly delivered and, above all, environmentally friendly.

How does an öKlo garden toilet work?

An öKlo composting toilet is easy to use and is able to supply natural compost.

This can then be used as fertiliser for plants. It is a toilet that does not require a water connection.

Waste and used toilet paper are collected in containers provided for this purpose.

To avoid any unpleasant smell, sawdust is spread over the excreta to bind the odour.

The more sawdust used, the less odour is formed.

Does an öKlo garden toilet actually smell?

One question that many still ask themselves is whether a garden toilet stinks. The answer is: “No”.

There are two reasons for this.

First, liquid and solid substances are kept separate, so the uric acid cannot mix with the excrements to produce the smell we are familiar with.

The other reason why unpleasant odours do not occur, is that wood shavings are spread over the solid substances and any possible stench is covered before it can occur.

For this reason, you can be sure that your nose will not have to suffer.

What are the advantages of an öKlo garden toilet?

An öKlo composting toilet has numerous advantages, which is why it is worth buying one. Here are the reasons that should demonstrate how you can benefit from a garden toilet and live sustainably:

No water connection

A garden toilet has numerous advantages. One of the biggest is that you can do without a water connection. Thus, no fresh drinking water is flushed away.

No unpleasant odours

In contrast to a normal toilet, there are no unpleasant odours in an öKlo composting toilet. The reason for this is that the faeces and urine are not mixed and therefore no stench can arise.


When it comes to an organic garden toilet, no chemical products are required for cleaning or to decompose the faeces.


Contrary to what many people think, a garden toilet is very hygienic and can be used without concern.

Compost producing

A composting toilet not only functions as a loo, but also offers the possibility to produce compost. Once all harmful bacteria have been rendered harmless, it can be used as fertiliser after a certain period of time.

No need for cleaning agents

Given that the garden toilet is made of wood and there is no need for a water flushing system, cleaning it is very simple. The use of warm water and a disinfectant spray is sufficient to be able to thoroughly clean the necessary areas.

What is the öKlo Classic garden toilet made of?

The öKlo Classic garden toilet is made of sturdy, weather-resistant wood from Austria.

Two tubs, each with a capacity of 60 litres, located under the toilet seat, are used as collection containers. In addition to a litter box filled with sawdust, you will also find the corresponding shovel and brush.

A solar light including a motion detector, and a battery lamp serve as a light source.

Just like in a normal toilet, the öKlo Classic garden toilet contains toilet paper, which is found in a toilet paper dispenser.

Instead of a wash basin with water, a disinfectant dispenser is available for you to clean your hands. Naturally, you do not have to do without a mirror, and have the opportunity to look at yourself.

If you wish to dispose of hygiene products, you can use the sanitary waste bin instead of throwing them out in the open.

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How do I set up/assemble the öKlo Classic garden toilet?

If you decide to set up your organic garden toilet yourself, you will be able to do so without any problem. Assembling an öKlo Classic garden toilet is not very difficult. The available individual parts, depending on the model, are assembled and the garden toilet is then ready for use. In case ventilation is required, the pipes used must be sealed with silicone.

The excreta go into a quick composter, where they remain until they are used.

If you would like our help in setting it up, our team is gladly available to support you.

Is a garden toilet usable all the year round?

No matter what time of year you decide to use the garden toilet, you can be sure that it will withstand freezing and minus temperatures in winter. However, the use of a garden toilet is also recommended in summer, as it is well-ventilated, and the wood does not heat up very much despite any strong sunlight.

What do I need to keep it running?


When it comes to the question of what type of litter should be used for the garden toilet, there are many options, as you will soon notice: Small pet litter, cat litter, humus, soil, dry coffee grounds, etc. Sawdust is the best choice when it comes to covering faeces, as it is easy to source and binds the smell well. As an alternative, however, hamster litter can be used, which you can get in any pet store.


Cleaning an öKlo is no trouble since the organic garden toilet is made purely of wood. Warm water and disinfectant spray are sufficient to clean it.

The garden toilet as a source of fertiliser for the garden

To make the desired fertiliser, the accumulated excrement and used toilet paper are removed from the plastic tub and put on a compost heap. The natural process of rotting takes place in a container filled with leaves, plant remains, kitchen waste, and excrement. This then becomes our fertiliser. During this lengthy process, all harmful organisms and pathogens are rendered harmless. After two years, the final product, humus, is ready to be used as fertiliser. The process can be significantly accelerated using a quick or thermal composter.

Garden toilet with shower

The option of buying an öKlo Shower in combination with a garden toilet is also available. Thanks to its own tank, the öKlo Shower can be used with or without a water connection. As with the öKlo composting toilet, a sewer connection is not necessary, so the shower is ideal for use at camping sites, sports fields, garden houses, etc. You no longer have to go without a refreshing shower when you head off on an adventure in nature.

What does an öKlo Classic garden toilet cost?

Using a composting toilet is highly recommended, as it not only saves a lot of water and electricity, but it is also environmentally friendly. The question that some people ask themselves, is how much a toilet like this actually costs. As so often, when it comes to buying a product, it depends on which type of composting toilet you choose. The price can vary a lot.

If you purchase a model consisting of wooden boxes as well as plastic containers, you can expect to have to pay a little more. The smaller models, in which urine-separation is not available, start at 200 euros. A larger model, with integrated ventilation, is in the region of 1000 euros. The cheapest option is to assemble the prefabricated individual parts of the öKlo garden toilet yourself.

In general, it is fair to say that a garden toilet is more expensive to buy than a normal toilet. However, in the long run, you save a lot of water and electricity.

Schafft man sich ein Modell an, welches sowohl aus Holzkasten, als auch Plastikbehältern besteht, muss man damit rechnen etwas mehr zu bezahlen. Die kleineren Modelle, bei denen die Urinabtrennung nicht vorhanden ist, kann man ab 200 Euro erstehen. Handelt es sich um ein größeres Modell, mit integrierter Lüftung befindet man sich im 1000 Bereich. Die billigste Variante ist es, sich die öKlo Gartentoilette selbst mit den vorgefertigten Einzelteilen zusammenzubauen. 

The öKlo Mini as a cost-effective garden toilet alternative

If you are interested in purchasing an öKlo garden toilet but want a smaller version for this reason, you have the option of the öKlo Mini. This model is the smaller version of a composting toilet and is able to adapt perfectly to its environment. The small version also has all the same great features as the large garden WC. The only difference is that the 30-litre tub, for collecting excrement, is smaller.

Other uses for an öKlo?

As already mentioned, composting toilets are already used in several areas. Depending on where they are used, you will find different models that are ideally suited to the respective environment. One can distinguish between composting toilets suitable for indoor use and others that are suitable for outdoor use. Depending on the available space, a composter is integrated or available separately.

Its growing popularity is down to the way it works. It does not require water, so the presence of a sewer system is also not necessary. Composting toilets can therefore be used almost anywhere, although they are usually to be found in locations such as:


Weekend homes

Holiday camps

Construction sites

Golf courses


Riding stables

Weekend homes


Nature reserves

Locations without water or sewer connections

Emergency toilets

Disaster regions


You now have an insight into the world of composting toilets. As you can see, buying an öKlo garden toilet has many advantages. Not only do you save a lot of money, but you also help to preserve the environment. Plus, you get to produce your own organic fertiliser in a completely natural way. If we have piqued your interest, take a little time to browse and find your very own öKlo garden toilet. However, our offer extends beyond just the toilets. Choose to live more sustainably now and profit from the benefits!